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Dragon Mania Legends Tips and tricks

October 18 2015 , Written by Andrews

Dragon Mania Legends Tips and tricks

Here you will find numerous tips and tricks for App Dragon Mania Legends for Android and iOS, and a word about cheats. The game was developed by Gameloft. In a short App Review we have already presented to you the game shortly.

For this reason, we want to get directly to speak to the tips here. These relate not only to the game start, but will also help you in terms of the fight and the structure of your island. Dragon Mania Legends can be downloaded for free for Android and the iTunes App Store for iOS the Google Play store. Parents should but disable in-app purchases, about what finances the game.

Dragon Mania Legends Tips and tricks

We come first to the tips and tricks for Dragon Mania Legends. These are, of course, both for Android, as well as for the iOS version. Those who wonder for the rest of the numerous disconnections, so that the connection is lost: This is when every player so, so it is not because of your Internet connection. We hope that the developers get the problems under control quickly.

FYI: developer of the game is Gameloft, the habem the rights to all graphics. We are only an unofficial fansite and are with the developers not affiliated.

Tips for the game introduction to Dragon Mania Legends
First, we want to give some tips for the game introduction to Dragon Mania Legends. Thus it falls easily, you have to just follow the arrows in the game. Here you will also compelled to premium currency to grab jewels / gems, although this only takes a few seconds. Since you get only a few, they do not give out.

Then there are tasks (see Item 1), the support you in the further course of the game. You should always make sure your farm to give tasks regularly, because otherwise the food is fast running out. Removing disturbing bushes and stones should first be made only for small objects of up to 500 gold, otherwise you lack the money for other habitats and building upgrades.

In addition, you should always go to battle, because you have a maximum of 3 energy available (except you are VIP) and this recharges only on again, if you have consumed energy. Feed your dragon regularly, so that they become stronger and also shed more gold, which you have to collect the habitats regularly. More Tips for Dragon Mania Legends we subsequently treated with pictures.

Tip 1: Completed the tasks in the game for ample rewards
If you do not know what happens next in Dragon Mania Legends, then just look at times on the task list at the bottom left. Usually you will find there numerous tasks that always bring a reward. However, this varies depending on task. As a reward, there may be gold, food, gems and experience.

As a rule, you will automatically do the tasks in any case, but now and then to help them if you do not know what to do next. It pays to do well certain tasks only if they appear on the list, since gold is generally scarce.

Play the quests in Dragon Mania Legends app to collect additional rewards
Play the quests in Dragon Mania Legends app to collect additional rewards
Tip 2: Then you should pay attention in the fight
UPDATE: Here find you all the tips to fight!

The most important activity in Dragon Mania Legends is the struggle, because here too there are ample reward and it was finally working towards. We will list soon more battle tips, will initially provide only the basics.

First of all it is important to look against which dragon you are racing. The first character of each dragon defines his weakness. Headwind for example are fire attacks advisable. So you know in the fight, which is worth the developers have integrated a nice feature, as also seen in the screenshot below.

Did you see the fire attack is enabled, you see a green, yellow or red border at the other dragons. The best is a green heavy / green circle, because then you do with the attack more damage. In addition, you can see right as a bar, how many hit points you will decrease the opponents.

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